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Madison Bouckville Antique Promotions is a new entity formed to help promote and preserve the Madison Bouckville Antique community and the annual Madison-Bouckville Antique Week held each August. Along with the endless hours the members of our board and volunteer staff are contributing, will be the task of raising funds for a new extensive advertising campaign.

Our goal is simple! To get the most advertising and business exposure for your buck!

This is what is in the works or on the drawing board...

Membership Benefits:

  • Your business or show field will be shown on our website map of the Madison Bouckville area.
  • A link from our website to yours will be posted. Click here to see Members List. Click on your name which will take you to a separate page showing your business and a link to your website.
  • Extensive television and print advertising will be done to promote the annual Antique Week. (This will be the majority of the expenses.)
  • All Madison-Bouckville Antique Promoters advertising will display their logo and website information.
  • Window stickers showing member "paid" status will be distributed.
  • Year round benefit of the website and logo.
  • Brochures or handouts will be distributed locally.
  • Expected sponsorship from outside sources will increase our exposure and contributions.

Remember...advertising can be quite costly, but undoubtedly effective! Click here to see how your membership money is being used.

The results of a unified group participation will benefit all and once again bring the glory days back to Madison-Bouckville.

Thank you all and we look forward to participation from all!
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