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Promoting the Madison Bouckville Area

May 16, 2011

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new Madison Bouckville Promotions group and the initial installment of "Turnpike Tales", local history tidbits compiled by our local historian, Jim Ford. ( Thanks Jim, and we are looking forward to next month)

At last the snow is gone and spring is here! Our beautiful countryside has finally turned green and we are anticipating a fantastic summer!

As many of you have heard, there has been a change in the ownership of the "big field". This left a sense of uncertanty in the minds of many in the antique community. Questions swirled throughout the entire region whether Bouckville would ever be the same.

Those of us from the Madison Bouckville area who are aware of events occurring over the past 6 months have reason to believe that this change may have fueled events which will have a dramatic impact on the Madison Bouckville Antique Week. An exciting new leadership has emerged in the community since you visited last summer! With the cooperative support of area businesses, customers, local government and many volunteers we are breathing new life into the largest antique selling, buying, and collecting event in all of New York State.

This past December the Madison Bouckville Promotions group was formed . A board of directors was elected and regularly scheduled meetings have been conducted monthly. The mission has been defined by the group to not only continue the antique week as in the past, but to be an organized, unified group that will promote the event and community to assure growth and prosperity for everyone involved.

A membership drive is currently being conducted with dues collected. We are proud to report a strong community wide support with great participation shown throughout the area with local businesses as well as antique venues participatinng. The website was developed, along with the map located on the site, to assure further exposure and information available to the public. The map has "linked" sites for participating sponsors.

We have contracted an advertising promotion company from Syracuse, NY represented by executive director Dennis Brogan. Efforts are currently underway to secure further corporate sponsorships of our event. Names will be announced in the near future.

Advertisements have been strategically placed in appropriate antique guides, with more pending. We have even participated in " hand-out" advertisements to vendors at Brimfield this past week, as well as the Sertoma Antique Show in Binghamton, N.Y. in March. Banners and signs announcing this years show have sprung up in multiple localtions throughout the area.

The group has also met with the NYS Department of Transportation and Emergency Services personal in order to assure the safety of all participants during this exciting week.

Madison Bouckville Promotions is exited to represent all area business people who are looking forward to many years of "Antique Week" . Watch our newsletter for exciting information as this week continues to grow even bigger and better than ever!


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