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Reflections of the 2011 Show

Sep 7, 2011

                     -- Jim Ford

The 2011 Antiques Show is over for another year and now is the time to reflect back to a very special event. What else can we say except “Remarkable!”
First of all, special kudos has to go to Madison-Bouckville Promotions and all of the members of the Madison-Bouckville Antique Dealers Association. The group came together following the announcement of the sale of the Jock Hengst field and determined that the antiques show would continue, and not only continue, but be better than before. In this effort they succeeded beyond expectations. Each field attracted more vendors than in previous years and the arrangement of spaces for the vendors certainly led to easy viewing of merchandise and quick purchases.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the unique changes at this year’s show:

n   The greater variety of vendors on the fields.
n   A shuttle bus to carry buyers from field to field.
n   The food items covered the complete gamut of tastes.
n   Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes became a corporate sponsor of the show.
n   The way that the local antique dealers, businesses and home owners came together to insure a successful show.

From many discussions held during the week of the show with owners, vendors and patrons, allow me to share some of their thoughts.

n   The organization of the show was superb. This statement was echoed by many dealers along the length of Rt. 20. Adequate space was provided to display their merchandise and the owners of the fields were extremely polite and attentive to their needs.
n   Parking venues were in abundance and always available. Patrons had the choice of parking lots where you were charged a fee or lots where parking was free.
n   The personal needs of both vendors and the buying public were taken care of. Bathroom facilities, concession stands, showers and ATM’s all added to a pleasant experience.
n   Although the economy continues to experience a down time, people were still buying goods and the vendors indicated that sales were in the range to indicate a successful show.
n   Vendors are already looking forward to next year’s show.
n   Customers to the show all agreed that the event was bigger than ever, well-run and that friends will be told that they should not miss the opportunity to come to Madison-Bouckville next year.

From a personal point of view, let me share a different perspective of the show. For me, watching the people at the show is half of the fun. Of course, my wife and I did find a couple of items that we “couldn’t live without,” but to watch each shopper was a delight. Some strolled casually down through the various dealers and occasionally stopped to look at an item. Some were in a hurry to cover as many vendors as possible. A number had lists of items that they hoped to find, while others found items that they desired and wrote down the location to come back and make a deal if they didn’t find a better one up the street.
People from all walks of life come to the show. This is one thing that makes the antique show truly unique. Everyone is looking to add to that special collection or simply renewing an interest in items from their past. The comment, “Look at that! I had one of those years ago!,” is a common one. There were many happy faces and many conversations occurring on those fields during the week.
To see the communities of Bouckville and Madison come alive for the week was truly heartening. Cooperation was in the air and a community spirit was evident throughout. This is what a well-run and successful show is all about. Special thanks have to be given to John Mancino, President of the local Association, as well as Jim Dutcher, Craig Williams and Steve Antinore. These four individuals really stepped up in their efforts to make sure that the Madison-Bouckville Show continued. And of course let’s not forget Nice N Easy for their corporate sponsorship of the show.
As a final thought, one of the very unique things that I and many others take away from the show is new ideas and greater knowledge. In touring the various vendors, you learn about the items plus some of the item’s history and use. You also develop ideas of how you might use an item in your own home or make one yourself. An “Antiques Show” sparks creativity in many people. So even if a person does not have a purchase in their hands, you can be assured that they are taking away something from the show just the same. And that is something that can not be valued.
For thousands of people, the 2011 show was a wonderful event!!


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