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March Newsletter-June Show

Mar 14, 2012

Hello again from Madison Bouckville,

We are now less than 3 months from the new "June Show" weekend. We have several fields and stores in town that will be participating in this event and the feedback so far is that the dealers and shoppers are exited to see this renewed effort. Many dealers have reserved their spaces for the show already and we are looking forward to many more putting this weekend into their schedules.
Keep watching for more news on this event and please help spread the word.
As a reminder: As we emerge from the past recession years and more of the younger generations realize the potential of buying into the quality of the past, we anticipate and look forward to the market return of a once thriving antique industry. For this and many more reasons we feel that there is no better time to get interested in, learn to buy and sell, or just have a fun time shopping for your own collection.

See you June 1st, 2nd, 3rd


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