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January 2013 Newsletter

Jan 25, 2013

Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone enjoyed Jims Turnpike tales #8 last month. All newsletters are available at any time in the newsletter archives on the Madison-Bouckville web site.
Madison Bouckville Promotions is off to another exciting year of bringing you the largest outdoor antique show in NY state. Not only will we promote and bring this special seasoned event to town again this year, we will also be promoting a brand new event, Bouckville Classics car show and swap meet and for the second year we will promote the June Show which is already expected to eclipse it's 2012 debut.
Thru numerous meetings and an a untold hours of planning and discussion the board of Madison Bouckville Promotions has become recognized and accepted as the official promoters of Madison Bouckville Antique Week. With several challenges presented to us in the last two years we have managed to diplomatically deal with these issues and also welcomed 66 supporting members to our association.
Our members and sponsors consist of a majority of the local restaurants, antique stores, hotels, taverns, show fields, campgrounds etc that are dedicated to supporting and promoting the events that bring thousands of tourist, travelers and business people to our Central New York region.
Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter and watch for 2013 newsletter #2 as we bring you up to date on new info on the local show fields and what's new with them this year.


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