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Is It Really Spring?

Apr 1, 2013

Is it really Spring? A year ago we were all enjoying some of the earliest spring like conditions any of us can remember. Well what a difference a year can make? With memories of a hard winter still lingering and a promise in the forecast, we are all just starting to think about our plans for the 3rd week in August.
Let me assure you that the Madison Bouckville Promotions board members started months ago, placing shedule of event ads and reminder ads in several publications and web sites and planning and printing our top notch handouts that make their way into the hands of antique admirers across the globe. Our 2013 print campaign is already designed and placed in several early season publications and our radio and television advertising is on the drawing board. This is just a glimpse of planning prep work that has already taken place this spring in Bouckville to assure that the 42nd Madison Bouckville Antique Week will again be one of our best attended shows ever.


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