Mar 19, 2014

               By Jim Ford

The 2013 Antiques Show may be over for this year, but what a memorable show it was. The weather was perfect and the crowds were enormous. Not a day went by that the many show fields were not crowded with antiques enthusiasts. The organizers of the show are to be commended on a job well done – AGAIN!!
In traveling around the show this year, I was particularly interested in asking the question – “How is the show going for you?” The vast majority stated that it was going well and that they were having a very successful week. Many were already looking forward to the chance to set up in the same spot next year and see their favorite customers again. That is certainly good news for the show, our Madison-Bouckville area and for Madison County in general.
Sometimes we forget the impact that the show has on our region. Stores and restaurants certainly do an increased business. Gas stations are very busy. Long lines of hungry “antiquers” are in front of the food vendors. And local residents have a chance to earn extra cash by parking cars or renting spaces on their property to the dealers. It would be very hard to come up with a total monetary figure, but the impact is huge.
What was really noticeable this year was the number of young couples with a specific list of items that they wished to purchase. The increased popularity of cell phones and texting allows the couple to split up, find the items they wish to purchase, and if there happens to be multiples of those items, to compare prices and condition with each other. It is becoming an exacting science.
Another thing that was evident is that those who attend the show each year have certain dealers that they look for and feel comfortable in dealing with. As for the dealers, they appreciate being given the chance to set up at the same location in order to take advantage of those faithful customers.
This year’s show has to be judged as one of the most successful ever. The number of people on the fields was certainly large. Conversations concerning antiques and collectibles were lively and the dealing for the best possible price for the goods was spirited. After all, the Antiques Show is one of the last bastions of the “art of dickering.” A little give and take makes all parties happy!
I thought it would be a good idea to remind those who attended the show this year of the vast array of goods available. For those who did not attend, but who read this newsletter, perhaps it will be the incentive to attend next year’s show and see for yourself the unbelievable variety of goods which are present. We’ll do this by using the alphabet to represent some of the items found at the show.
A -- Antiques                  N -- Necklaces
B -- Baskets                O -- Ogee Mirrors
C -- Collectibles                  P -- Post Cards
D -- Decoys                  Q -- Quaker Oil Signs
E -- Enamelware               R -- Railroad Lights
F -- Fishing Gear                  S -- Stoneware
G -- Glassware                  T -- Trunks
H -- Hoosier Cupboards               U -- Umbrella Stands
I -- Ice Boxes                  V -- Victorian Furniture
J -- Jewelry                   W -- Weathervanes
K -- Kettle Corn                  X -- X-ceptional Crowds
L -- Lamps                  Y -- Yellowware
M -- Marbles                  Z -- Zenith Radios
   I hope this list brings back some pleasant memories for you and that you will continue to patronize the show for years to come. It already appears that next year’s show will be even more spectacular.
   One final item – If you see any of the members of the Antiques Show Association, please give a big thank you for all of the hard work that they have done to make our area one of the most unique in New York State.


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