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May 8, 2016

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Hello fellow collectors and dealers. 2016 is here and by all accounts looking like its going to be a great year for buying and selling as the value of your cherished antiques and collectibles is getting stronger. Early auction prices and show prices are showing very positive trends for the upcoming season. With news like this we expect to see many more rare and valuable items put on the market again.
Don't miss out on the events of the summer as Madison Bouckville Promotions will promote the "June Show" June 3rd, 4th and 5th in more market areas and to more dealers than ever before. Last years very successful spring show results were heard throughout the antique community and have already promised a much larger "June Show" than last year. Make sure you spread the word about this years show. It will be well worth attending.
As a bonus to this great show there will be a Petrolinia show held at the Gallery in down town Bouckville June 4th. don't miss this event as it celebrates its 10th year in Bouckville and promises to be a big draw to complimenting the 2016 June Show.
Come stay more than a day. We know you will enjoy the weekend.

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